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What's Behind A Photo?

Busy juggling three little girls, the ongoing washing pile and writing her blog, Emma Collins is also busy being a PR officer. Emma has worked for docrafts for 10 years and has a passion for craft.

docrafts was founded in 1997 by industry leading entrepreneurs and has now become one of the UK’s leading craft suppliers across independent specialists, national retailers, TV shopping channels and multiple overseas territories. With exclusive house brands and licensed products featuring in the self-published Creativity Magazine, docrafts leads the way in technique-led project ideas and inspiration. Whilst specialising in papercraft, docrafts also supplies kid’s craft, digital, jewellery, soft craft and cake decorating.

Since Emma’s first born arrived in 2009 she has been creating scrapbooks. Emma tells us more…

"When I mention scrapbooking, I’m not talking about a book filled with ticket stubs and keepsakes, I’m talking about modern day memory keeping. With no idea what to do with all my photographs of my family days out, children playing in the garden, first steps, first ballet class, I wanted to do something with them rather them being just sat in a box gathering dust.

I remember when my Gran passed away, me and my dad spent time sorting through her photo’s. I had so many questions. Who, What, Why, When? It was too late to get the answers. This is something that I never want to happen when I’m gone. I want my children and my grandchildren to know the story behind the photographs without having to ask or wonder. I want them to understand each picture, the memories, the happiness and the sadness. I want them to know about their summer holidays and their personalities as they grow. It’s surprising how quickly you forget times, dates, details, even the ages of your kids

Let me just point out here that while having a child can be the starting point for some, that’s not all there is to scrapbooking"

Katy Godbeer is creative designer at docrafts. She says; “With any photo there is much more to be said about the event, the person, or the place than you can glean from the image itself. If when you show someone your album you tell additional snippets of info and fun anecdotes you are missing a trick. This is just the sort of rich content you should be including on your scrapbook page. Once you are gone there will be no one left to recount these stories as your descendants flip through the albums you've put your heart and soul into creating. If your only aim is to leave a precious vault of memories for your family but you are not adding the story I’d say you are missing a trick.”

"I have never been the creative or arty type. Honest! I have three small children and a job, so time is rare BUT that moment when the children are in bed and I am sat crafting, telling the story behind the photograph for my daughters I know that this is such precious time and I am making history.

Aside from logging these beautiful memories, the feeling of buying pretty ribbon, buttons, papers and everything else to create a page for the future is deeply exciting. 

It’s your work so go crazy, have fun and feel like a kid in a sweet shop again. Why should the kids have all the fun?"

 Visit to check out all the latest products available!


Add an Innovative Touch with Chalkboard

Setting the standard in papercraft, Papermania has produced a diverse range of staple craft product for many years. Back with the Bare Basics collection and other must-have stash, crafters need not look any further for their crafting essentials this spring.
Ideal for birthdays and summer inspired occasions, the A4 Pearlescent Paper Pack offers sublime, pastel shades suitable for grandma, mum and daughter. The A4, 12 x 12” and 6 x 6” Coloured Paper Packs offer a full spectrum of colour across the 48 pieces included and provide a solid basis for all crafty makes.
New to the range are the Chalkboard Pegs and Chalkboard Frames which add an innovative touch to scrapbooking and home d├ęcor projects. Simply write a personalised message with chalk for the ultimate bespoke feel. Further additions include Shimmer Dome Stickers in a variety of colours which add a touch of sparkle in an instant!
The Bare Basics collection pushes boundaries with the new Giant Wooden Peg, a functional yet super cool accessory for upcycling notice boards or similar and the Mini Wooden Pegs are a given for any keen crafter.
A selection of Wood Shapes including a Butterfly, Owl, Heart and House can be used to create mini photo frames, simply decoupage with your favourite papers to rival pre-bought high street style.

Papermania products are available in docrafts UK Creativity Stores from May 2014


#docraftsmonday is Crafters Show and Tell

Emma Collins. Media & PR Officer at docrafts

Well we have been a little naughty by not blogging since last year! BUT (see that I have put a big BUT) we have been super duper busy with the UK's best-selling craft magazine, loading even more information and projects to inspire you even more (just when you think we can't inspire you anymore!) and the products? Oh the products. So far this year we have had amazing comments about our product launches. Thank you so much.

We have also been busy chatting to crafters online in Craft Talk, on Facebook, on Twitter. Wow! We have been busy haven't we?

Before I move on, let me wish you a Happy New Year! How is your year going so far? How many cards have you made in 2014? Discovered any new techniques? Discovered any new products? Found a new craft? I would love to know so please leave me a comment below.

So, have you heard about #docraftsmonday? As so many of you chat regularly to us on Social Media Platforms we thought that we should have some fun on a dreaded Monday. It seems like so many grumble when Monday appears. Back to routine. Back to work or school runs. We also know just how busy you all are crafting on a weekend so we wanted to be nosey and see what you have been up to. #docraftsmonday is a 'show and tell' for crafters. Great idea isn't it? It's so much fun and really is interesting seeing so many great craft makes!

So how do you get involved? Here is the science bit ;-)

To get involved on Facebook: On Mondays, post a photo on our Facebook Page of a recent craft project and add the hashtag #docraftsmonday.  You can see other #docraftsmonday projects by visiting our page and viewing the 'Posts by Others' section, clicking on the #docraftsmonday hashtag, or searching '#docraftsmonday' in the Facebook search box.

To get involved on Twitter: On Mondays, tweet a photo of a recent craft project, add the hashtag #docraftsmonday and add our username (@docraftsteam). You can see all #docraftsmonday projects by clicking on the #docraftsmonday hashtag, or searching '#docraftsmonday' in the Twitter search box. 

Your project can be anything you have handmade recently including a scrapbook layout, a sewing project, cake decorating, a piece of handmade jewellery, a card or something you have upcycled. Whatever you like! When you see a #docraftsmonday project you like, make sure you give it a Like/comment/ReTweet and share the love!

See... easy enough to get involved! And don't forget to add your #docraftsmonday makes to your online gallery over on

Happy Crafting! 

Love Emma x


Stuck for ideas for Christmas gifts...

...then why not give a unique and totally unexpected gift which doesn't entail endless hours of walking round the shops?!

It’s time to turn Christmas shopping on its head – anti-poverty charity ActionAid gives people the chance to surprise their sister with a sewing machine, give their best friend a goat or watch as their mum un-wraps a brand new classroom. Of course, the gift itself goes to someone who desperately needs it. What friends and family will receive in their hands is a beautiful card, telling them all about the amazing gift they’ve given to a child or a family living in one of the poorest parts of the world.

Make do and mend

This year’s brand new gift of a sewing machine which costs just £12 will help young girls like Nandar, 16, to join an ActionAid training project in Burma (Myanmar) to teach women and girls learn the arts of weaving, making handicrafts, bags and knitted items to sell. This crafty gift could help Nandar learn the skills she needs to work her way out of poverty – and get closer to her ambition of becoming a designer one day. Buying an inspiring life-changing gift is simple. To follow the easy steps to give the present that costs a little but gives such a lot just go to
Helping to spread the love of craft across the world! Love, docrafts Team x


Creativity Issue 42 Out Now!

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