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Stuck for ideas for Christmas gifts...

...then why not give a unique and totally unexpected gift which doesn't entail endless hours of walking round the shops?!

It’s time to turn Christmas shopping on its head – anti-poverty charity ActionAid gives people the chance to surprise their sister with a sewing machine, give their best friend a goat or watch as their mum un-wraps a brand new classroom. Of course, the gift itself goes to someone who desperately needs it. What friends and family will receive in their hands is a beautiful card, telling them all about the amazing gift they’ve given to a child or a family living in one of the poorest parts of the world.

Make do and mend

This year’s brand new gift of a sewing machine which costs just £12 will help young girls like Nandar, 16, to join an ActionAid training project in Burma (Myanmar) to teach women and girls learn the arts of weaving, making handicrafts, bags and knitted items to sell. This crafty gift could help Nandar learn the skills she needs to work her way out of poverty – and get closer to her ambition of becoming a designer one day. Buying an inspiring life-changing gift is simple. To follow the easy steps to give the present that costs a little but gives such a lot just go to
Helping to spread the love of craft across the world! Love, docrafts Team x


  1. So glad you put this here. I have been giving goats, chickens, even a pig for christmas, birthdays and weddings for years, ever since I was given a goat and then a llama! It's a fantastic idea. Who needs more stuff!! But these gifts make a big difference. I use Oxfam and also The Leprosy Mission ( ) but shall check out your link. The people who have received these gifts have always said, no exceptions, that it was the best gift they had. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling to give this and also to receive it. Please, try it. Make at least one thing you buy this year a gift for life. I wish you all a happy and merry Christmas

  2. What a great post. Love the idea of gifting something to help women get real skills and a chance to earn. Will definitely check them out.